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Backgammon rules easy

backgammon rules easy

How to Play Backgammon. Backgammon is one of the oldest games for two players and has been enjoyed by people around the world for over years. Backgammon Instructions. For 2 Players. AGES 6 to Adult. CONTENTS. Double- sided Gameboard, 30 Playing Pieces (the same pieces are used for Checkers}. From Backgammon For Dummies. By Chris Bray. Backgammon is an exciting, tactical game. This Cheat Sheet gives you some of the essential info you'll need. To roll the dice, a player shakes them in the cup several times and then tosses them onto his right-hand side of board from a reasonable height so that they bounce and roll. At the start of a game or match, how is it decided who plays black and who plays white, and does this ever change? Red's checkers move in the opposite direction. The player must reroll both dice if a die lands outside the right-hand board, or lands on a checker, or does not land flat. This series of games is called a match. The number 2 represents the fact that the stakes are now doubled.


Backgammon for complete beginners. Part 1 - Introduction and The board. backgammon rules easy

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